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2022 Success Stories - a note from the founder!

January, 2023

You may know that TSIR is a relatively new organization, or a “fledgling rescue,” as we affectionately refer to it. Just 19 months ago, I hatched an action plan to bring this little operation to fruition. There were to-do lists, there were lists within the to-do lists, there were diagrams, and there was abundant questioning of my own sanity. In moments of self-doubt, I reasoned that even if I could only save a few additional lives, that alone would be worth the monumental effort. “Even if it’s ‘a drop in a bucket,’” I figured, “That drop will be happy to be in that bucket.” I assured my concerned husband that we would only pull 5-10 animals per year while I was still a grad student. Today, I am floored by how drastically we have surpassed that meager goal. Through the incredible community we’ve cultivated in recent months (and sheer force of will) we saved THIRTY FIVE animals in 2022. Each of these precious little lives, pictured, taught us so much - about animals, about flexibility, about community, and about the kind of organization we aspire to be. Our team lost countless hours of sleep (and some of us have sprouted a number of new gray hairs) last year, but I am steeped in gratitude for the generosity and sacrifice of the TSIR family and our fellow animal lovers nationwide. This year, we have set an ambitious goal of rescuing 50 animals from overcrowded kill shelters. Cheers to 2023!